Friday, September 13 at 6:10 pm (Main Stage)

Ryan Bingham’s new record, American Love Songs, absolutely rocks. And it soothes, too, and it might just make you cry. His first album in four years hits the listener right in the heart. And if you like good stories, filled with characters who are — just like us — vulnerable, flawed, hopeful and determined, this new collection of songs delivers. Ryan was born in New Mexico and grew up all across Texas and the Southwest. He set out on his own at a young age, playing gigs in dive bars, traveling from one small dot on the map to the next. His work has appeared in the film Crazy Heart, in which his song, “The Weary Kind,” earned him an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Critics Choice Award for Best Song of the Year, and a Grammy, too. His wise-beyond-his-years vocals and insightful songwriting make him a beloved with critics and fans alike. Does he got the damn blues? You damn right.